6 Signs Your Child Might Need Eyeglasses

Parents and caregivers must monitor their children's vision. They should recognize any warning signs that a child might need prescription eyeglasses. If undiagnosed and untreated, vision issues can significantly affect your little one. They can hinder a child’s capacity to learn and enjoy daily activities. Fortunately, a pair of eyeglasses can effectively correct various vision problems. Here are six signs that your little one might need corrective eyewear:




Does your little one squint frequently when focusing on a distant object? If so, that could indicate a vision issue. Squinting can momentarily enhance visual acuity by reducing the light entering the eye. 

If your child exhibits this issue, it may be a sign that he or she has myopia, also known as nearsightedness. Objects in the distance appear blurry due to the frequent refractive error known as nearsightedness, whereas close-up things are clear.


Complaining of Headaches


Frequent headaches are prevalent in kids with untreated farsightedness or astigmatism, especially after reading or doing close work. Their eye muscles must work harder to focus on close-up objects. 

That can cause eyestrain and headaches. Frequent headache complaints from your child, especially ones that occur after reading or doing close work, may indicate they require corrective eyewear.


Eye Rubbing


Excessive eye rubbing can indicate eye fatigue or infection. Kids may be rubbing their eyes when reading or focusing visually, which could suggest a vision issue. Many young children rub their eyes to try to clear up their blurry vision since they cannot express their difficulties with vision.


Sitting Too Close to Screens


If your child raises his or her seat to the TV or holds a book, phone, or tablet too close to their face, it could be a sign of nearsightedness. Nearsighted children frequently have trouble reading the board in class, hindering their learning ability. A pair of prescription glasses can easily correct nearsightedness, which is good news.


Closing One Eye


Your little one may have a binocular vision issue or an uncorrected refractive error if they close one eye to focus on something. When the two eyes are not functioning correctly, the brain may use the stronger eye to provide a clear image while suppressing the image from the weaker eye. Poor depth perception and other visual issues may result from this habit.


Appearing Clumsy


Poor depth perception or other vision issues may cause frequent trips and collisions in your child. For athletic kids who like playing sports, this can be especially problematic. If your child frequently has mishaps or appears to have coordination issues, it is imperative to have an optometrist check his or her vision.




With a pair of prescription glasses, many vision issues are easily correctable. That can help enhance your child's capacity for learning, play, and participation in daily activities. Consult a pediatric eye doctor as soon as possible if you notice any of these signs in your little one. Your little one can enjoy healthy vision for years if an eye doctor catches and treats these vision issues early.

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