How to Properly Care for Your Contact Lenses

The science of vision correction constantly provides more advanced alternatives to eyeglasses in the form of contact lenses. Most people prefer them because of their comfort and convenience. However, everyone who wears contact lenses or plans to start wearing them should know how to care for them to prevent eye infections and keep the lenses in the best condition. Continue reading to learn a few tips on taking proper care of contact lenses.


Handle Your Lenses with Clean Hands

Wash your hands prior to handling your contact lenses. Doing so helps avoid introducing harmful bacteria and microorganisms into your contacts, which can lead to complications like eye infections.

Use mild soap and water to wash your hands, then dry them using a lint-free towel. Lint can transfer to the contacts and lead to eye irritation. Avoid using hand creams and lotions after you dry your hands, as they can leave residue on the contact lenses.


Clean Your Contact Lenses Daily

Avoid debris and bacteria buildup by cleaning your contact lenses daily. Doing so will reduce the risk of infections and experiencing discomfort. Follow the manufacturer’s or your eye doctor’s instructions. Typically, a multipurpose solution for cleaning and disinfecting the lenses will help. 

Rub the contact lenses with your clean fingers. Do it gently for about 20 minutes, then rinse the loose dirt and debris with the multipurpose solution.


Replace Your Contact Lenses on Schedule

Some people overwear their contact lenses past their expiration date. Doing so is dangerous and harmful to your eye health, even if they appear okay. Contact lenses have a replacement schedule. Follow the guidelines given to ensure they remain effective and safe.

Discard daily disposable lenses after each use. Avoid using them again. Reusable contact lenses need replacement too. Follow their recommended schedule, which is often every two weeks or monthly.


Do Not Sleep With Your Contact Lenses

Sleeping with contact lenses heightens the risk of complications such as eye infections. The eyes produce less tear fluid while you are asleep. This can cause the contact lenses to stick to the cornea due to dryness.

When this happens, you will experience discomfort and eye redness—or worse, corneal ulcers. Follow the recommended time for wearing contact lenses and remove them before sleep.


Do Not Expose Your Contact Lenses to Water

Water contains microorganisms and bacteria that are harmful. Hence, never let your contact lenses come in contact with water to avoid eye infections. Remove the lenses when you want to shower, swim, or engage in water activities. Watch out for accidents. If water gets into your eyes, remove your contact lenses immediately and discard them.


Do Not Share Your Contact Lenses with Other People

You increase your risk of experiencing complications such as eye infections if you share your contact lenses with others. Contact lenses are fitted according to everyone’s eyes. The prescription is only suitable for your vision needs, so never share them with someone even if you have a similar prescription.


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